Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Mini-Me

Eden is going through a stage where she mimics whatever I am doing. I love it! She is a little homemaker - frying stuff in her pans, stirring her pots, reading her books, caring for Minnie Mouse, trying (not in the most gentle ways) to soothe Cooper, carrying a purse around, and even carrying around my bottle of body splash and hair spray (she gets those two things out and brings them to me - she must think I look disheveled and I smell bad - LOL). But it made me realize that she does take note of everything that I do and how I need to be a good role model for her.

Garrett and I have talked about our responsibilities as parents and how important they are. Our children are our greatest ministry and we want them to love Jesus and serve Him. If we tell them to love Jesus but our actions don't speak that, we are sending a mixed message. We pray daily that God would teach us how to parent them with the love of Christ and how we can show them Christ daily - even Cooper.

Garrett has the huge responsibility of teaching Cooper to be a man who follows Jesus and who is a warrior-poet (both soft and strong). He also has the responsibility of showing Eden how a woman should be treated by a man and the kind of man we want her to marry. I have the responsibility of showing Eden the type of young lady we want her to be and to show Cooper what type of woman we want him to marry and cherish. This is our biggest challenge as parents and as a husband and wife.

Our children see everything we do...and most children want to be just like their mom or dad. We need to make sure that we are the type of people that we want them to be like.

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  1. This is so precious, Karlee. Great words of wisdom.